GS Masonry is a registered and insured company. We specialize (but are not limited to) the following services:

• Tuckpointing
The term “tuckpointing” is often used interchangeably with “pointing” (to correct defects or finish off joints in newly laid masonry) and “repointing” (to place wet mortar into cut or raked joints to repair weathered joints in old masonry).

• Masonry Cleaning & Power Washing
When brick and other masonry becomes overly dirty, special techniques must be used to clean it properly and thoroughly. Doing so will not only produce a better looking finish, but can also prolong the life of your masonry.

• Wall Openings
We can create new openings in brick walls for windows, doors, or anything else you might need. We can also brick-up existing openings, or change the size and shape of openings to match your requirements.

• Angel Iron
Install new angle iron or replace existing angle iron.

• Glass Block Installation
GS Masonry can convert existing windows to glass blocks, or install new glass block windows into new wall openings.

• Waterproofing
Protect your property and valuables from water damage.

• Chimney Installation & Repair
We can install beautiful brick chimneys into your home, or repair damage to existing ones.

• Brick Replacement
Badly damaged or missing bricks can be replaced by GS Masonry.

• Stone Work
description will be soon…